Is it Cheaper to Remodel or Tear Down and Rebuild?

The choice between Home renovations  and tearing down to rebuild could be simple if you know the structural, aesthetic and functional aspects of the existing structure. For this, you may need the help of a professional construction specialist. He can test the various aspects of your home structure from the foundation to the ceiling and external architecture in , thing like building a deck , companies like Deck King can help 

Foundational Elements

Foundation test is the most critical part of determining the stability of your existing home. You can use a pile and shaft inspection-device for checking the integrity. It can measure the depth of the foundation using high power waves. It can show all probable cracks and damages to the foundation including the slabs, beams, concrete pouring, and other structures. 

The other tests you can perform with the device are cement composition, aggregates, rock, and soil. You can also check the stability of the foundation bed and connecting parts. If you find these elements to be Ok, it is time to continue the testing for the rest of the construction in the superstructure. 

If there are any cracks and damages to the foundational elements, the recommended option is to tear down and rebuild. However, it depends on the extent and intensity of the damages and cracks. You may try several foundation repair options to set it in order. For example, you may insert beams or slabs onto the existing foundation. They can stabilize the weak foundation and make it work for decades into the future. 

If these measures can’t strengthen the foundation for a long time, you may have to think of tearing down and rebuilding your home from the foundation level. 

Structural Elements 

For analyzing the structural elements, you have to start from the flooring. The strength of sub-floor beneath the floor determines its stability and strength. If the sub-floor is weak, you may have to change the model of the floor to be floating. Such a system will also be helpful when the subsoil is made of clay or other unstable types of soil. 

Flooring Stability

Hardwood floor is recommended when the subfloor is weak or relatively unstable. It can absorb the shocks and vibrations from the foundation. It is a way to keep the floor free from heat and cold elements. It can also be flexible in expanding and contracting during the fall and rainy seasons. You have to test the stability of subfloor before choosing the hardwood floor. 

If the stability of subfloor is weak, there is no point in installing the new layer of flooring over it. Then you may have to opt for tear down and rebuilding of your home. 

If the subflooring is stable, but the flooring has worn out, it is possible to renovate by reinstalling the floor in every room. Such flooring can be made of ceramic tiles, marble, or concrete. You may cover it up with wall-to-wall carpeting to keep your home warm and cozy during winters. During summer you may or may not want to have the carpeting.

Wall Strength 

Wall strength evaluation is the key element for deciding between renovations and tear-down & rebuild. Aging can decrease the compressive strength and force. It depends on the weight supported by the walls. The relative stress on the foundation will also determine the strength of the walls. The wall material can also play a significant role in prolonging the strength and stability. Thickness ratio with the material reinforcement is the other major factor which determines the durability of the wall. 

The contractors use a vast range of wall strength testing equipment. They can tell you about the structural strength and stability of your home walls. If the structural stability is within the higher levels, you may have to go for renovation. Or you have to opt for tear-down & rebuild. 

Ceiling Strength 

Mechanical strength and protection from failures are the basic parameters you should check for the ceiling. You may insert steel-frames and beams to enhance the mechanical strength. Stress factors will be normally high near end-walls. You can also check the sections between battens and boards on the ceiling. 

The professional contractors can give you an accurate report of the tests they conduct on your home ceilings. They can help you to decide between renovation and tear-down & rebuilding. 

Interior Design Elements 

Once the structural elements are within the renovation limits, you can think of internal design elements. It consists of space, forms, texture, coloring, and lighting, etc. Each of these elements is ultimately connected to the aesthetics, luxurious, and functional elements of interior design. 

Dampness Conditions 

Dampness is a common phenomenon in aging houses. It could be due to the leaks from plumbing works, rain, or other sources. You may want to get them fixed before starting with the exterior and interior renovation. Check the shower for things like a shower filter 

You can call a plumber and fix all the leaking problems. The plumber may recommend the repair of existing plumbing utilities of replacement. Check the difference in costing and durability before making a decision. You should consider the durability of repairs once they are done. If it is feasible, you can go ahead with the renovation procedures. 

Brittleness of Layers

The wall layers can become brittle with aging. Painting or other forms of the renovation of such surfaces can work only for a temporal phase. If you want a permanent solution, you need to go for a complete overhaul of the surfaces and high strength concrete panels for reinforcing the surfaces. It applies to the walls and ceilings equally. 


Once you have completed all the renovations calgary  explained above, it is possible to go for interior design and architectural improvements. 

Tear-Down & Rebuilding 

The professional contractors in your city can provide the right estimations for tear-down & rebuilding if the structural stability and durability of constrictions in your home aren’t safe and aesthetic. Then you can make a positive decision. 


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You need to get a factual analysis of your home’s existing structural conditions by a professional expert. He can help you to prepare a budget and plan for the procedures from the start to the finish.