Custom home building in Calgary

Calgary Custom home building


The Right Plan for Custom Home Building 

Custom home building in Calgary is not an easy journey. There come many ups and downs along the way. You need to plan everything from scratch. With the help of various professionals, you begin the journey and, finally, put an end to it. But, what exactly comes around depends on the plan you formulate. We work with excavation  and demolition companies in Calgary like theses guys , CNLC construction in Calgary Alberta. They know excavation service for your projects , call them for demotion of existing buildings or excavation of land  

For the right plan, you need to take every little to a big thing quite seriously. This way, you will eventually end up with the house of your dreams.

The 3-step plan for custom house

Following is the 3-step plan to make the right choices for your custom house in Calgary:

Step 1. Getting started

To get started, you need to determine a few important aspects. The very first thing you need to do is calculating your budget, measuring the timeframe, and finding the right land for your house in Calgary.

What is your budget?

Estimating your budget is significant. It lets you know where and how big of a property you can buy and then how much you can spend on constructing. Without knowing how much budget you have in hand, you cannot know the size, area, and design of your house at all.

Factors to count in

As you calculate your budget, you need to count in the following factors:


  • Cost of land


The area you buy land in determines the cost. Some areas have higher property rates, while others offer land at low rates.


  • Construction fee


Different contractors take different construction fees. It accounts for all the material such as brick, cement, etc. and labor fee as well as designing and engineering costs.


  • Permits and loans 


To build a property, you need to take permits from the local authority. It charges you a cost. Also, you might need to take out a loan. For that, visit different lenders to get the lowest possible rate. See if your budget is enough to make a down payment. If not, arrange the money first.


  • Decorating and furnishing


Interior décor and furnishing gather up to make a lot of costs. Setting a specific budget for this part beforehand is essential.

How long should the house take to build?

Usually, it takes four to six months to build a house. However, you might have to consider some important factors that might delay the construction or determine reasons if you need construction to end up fast.

For instance, your current home’s closing, your upcoming deputation in Calgary, etc.

Where should you build your house? 

Next, you need to buy land to build your house, Visit different areas in Calgary and see which seems best for your budget and living requirements such as access to resources, natural surroundings, etc.

Step 2. Designing your house.

If you are already done with step 1, you can directly jump to step 2. It includes designing your house from an architectural point of view. You need to decide all the structural spaces you want to have, such as a garage, lounge, rooms, gym, home office, etc.

Following questions will get you to the right design for custom housebuilding:

What should be the size and style of your house?

The size and style of your house depending on the size of your family as well as your living style. The size includes:

General considerations:

  • Are you okay with a single-story, or your family requires a double-story home?
  • What is the height or square foot limit, as per legal custom home building instructions in Calgary? 
  • Do you like to have a basement? 
  • What style and size should the stairs be? 
  • How big should be the garage and lawn? 

Specific considerations: 

  • How many rooms do you require?
  • Should there be a master suite? 
  • Do you want a children’s nursery?
  • Do you like to have a library, a music room, a gym, etc.?
  • Would you like to have minimal built with maximized space? 
  • Is it okay to have confined structures or not?
  • What structural features do you require in each room?  

Decide your preferences

Also, it is important to decide your style preferences when it comes to design and structural features. 


Are you a traditional sort of person and acquire the historic taste of architecture?


Are you live in today’s sort of a person and want to go with contemporary architecture?

This helps decide your preferences. 

Step 3. Hiring a professional team and implementing the plan.

As you get done with planning the design on your own, it’s time to hire a team and take professional advice. Accordingly, there appear changes in the plan. Next, you are ready to implement the plan along with your time for your custom house building. 

Looking for professionals

To find the right professionals, you can ask for referrals from your friends/relatives or look for the best designers, architects, and builders/contractors in Calgary on the internet. Visit and explain your budget, design, and requirements.

This will get you the most professional team. 

Implementing the plan

To implement the plan properly, you need to check-in:

Permits and Inspection

To start building a custom house in Calgary, you need several permits and legal inspections. Once you are approved, you can start construction. This saves you from any legal hurdles later on. 

Keeping a check 

When construction starts, you need to stay oblivious. Your job doesn’t end here. Make sure you keep a check on what your contractor is up to. This ensures things going right.

Getting done 

Once done with construction, woodwork, and furnishing, you are ready to pack up and move in.

One important thing is to go for home insurance. Check-in with insurance companies in the area.


With this 3-step guide, you can start and end up with custom house building in Calgary without any major obstacles. It makes custom house building a good experience. Make sure you plan properly and consult the professionals at each step. Also, consider legal restrictions and requirements to get done with custom house building successfully.